Favorite Cemetery Books

Cypress Hills Cemetery by Stephen C. Duer & Allan B. Smith
  Cypress Hills Cemetery provides a rare glimpse into a New York cemetery which has often been overlooked. The sprawling growns contain many noted individuals --baseball great Jackie Robinson and legendary actress Mae West among them.
Stories in Stone by Douglas Keister

Keister's work is the benchmark for writers of cemetery
books. We can all learn from the master.

Green Oasis in Brooklyn by John Rousmaniere & Ken Druse 

Beautifully written and photographed coffee table book.
Maple Grove Cemetery by Nancy Cataldi & Carl Ballenas

This book was my inspiration for doing the Green-Wood Cemetery book.
Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery: An Illustrated History and Guide by Ren Davis, Helen Davis and Timothy J. Crimmins 

The Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones by Cathy Kaemmerlen
Historic Oakland Cemetery by Tevi Taliaferro
Picked this book up during to a visit to Oakland. I was there for a private tour in advance of an article about the cemetery that I was doing for American Cemetery Magazine. This book proved to be an excellent resource for my ensuing research.

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