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The Birds and the Bees (mostly the bees).

As many of you already know, Green-Wood Cemetery is a truly special place. With its 478 acres of beauty and serenity, it is filled with untold stories. But G-W is not only a cemetery; it also supports social impact programs, including bee colonies.    To further such efforts, and help " maintain healthy honey bee colonies, which help pollinate Green-Wood's 478 acres and keep Brooklyn's natural environment healthy and diverse."  I'm looking to sponsor a beehive on the cemetery grounds. The cost of this sponsorship is $500, and we are raising money and awareness for the plight of honey bees. If 750 new G-W book orders are received by the end of September, book royalties will be contributed towards this cause. I would love for you to join me in helping the honey bees. and supporting this initiative, by purchasing a copy of Green-Wood Cemetery. The book itself is a photographic history of the cemetery, filled with rare archival photos and informational snippets about

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