Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of the most special places in Brooklyn

One of the most special places in Brooklyn is Green-Wood Cemtery. Twenty years ago, I saw it for the first time and thought it to be the most magnificent cemetery I'd ever seen. And, believe me, I had seen a lot of cemeteries in my career as a funeral director. Of course, back then, there was no way of knowing that twenty years later, in 2008, I would do a book about the place. But that's just what I did. After years of profiling noted cemeteries and famous funerals, as a freelance writer, I got the opportunity to delve into the history of the most famous cemetery in America. When I began the project, I knew of many of Green-Wood's famous denizens, but as I continued to research by traversing the grounds and reading all I could about the place and its history, it became a question of winnowing down subjects to include in the book. In fact, if I were to do a Green-Wood Cemetery Part II, III, IV & V, I sill could not possbly include all the stories Green-Wood has to tell. I'd like to share here with you some of the stunning architecture and compelling stories I came across while working on the book; some of which made the final cut and others which, unfortunately, did not. I'd also like to share with you, the tales of some non-famous citizens, as I believe all people have a tale to tell.


  1. Very nice. A good cemetery lasts forever. My favourite is La Recoleta in Buenos Aires, where Evita Peron has her tomb. I'd love to end up there.

  2. Several years ago, I wrote a profile of Eva Peron and became familiar with Recoleta Cemetery. So far I've only seen photos, but it is one of the cemeteries I'd love to visit someday.


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