Charlotte Canda's Fair Form Preserved in Marble.

The Charlotte Canda monument, commemorating a young woman who died in 1845 on her 17th birthday, stands as one of Green-Wood Cemetery's most ornate and unique memorials. Crafted in the style of a tabernacle, the Gothic-style monument features a life-sized marble figure of Canda wearing a flowing gown and standing atop a pedestal. Drafted by sketches made by Canda herself, the monument was originally intended as a memorial for Canda’s late aunt. However, after Canda’s tragic death, the design was personalized to reflect Charlotte's own interests and personality. From its intricate details to its symbolic elements, reflecting the Victorian era’s fascination with symbolism, it serves as a lasting testament to Charlotte's brief but impactful life. Buried nearby is Charles Albert Jarrett de la Marie, Canda’s fiancĂ©, who committed suicide a year after her death.

The monument has become an iconic symbol within Green-Wood Cemetery, attracting visitors who are drawn to the poignant story of the freak horse-drawn carriage accident that took Canda’s young life. 

The monumnet as it looked shortly after its construction. The fence was removed long ago.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful...I can't even imagine what something like this would cost today....not even sure there are stone carvers of this magnitude in todays world.


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