The Perfect Spritz Christmas Cookie Recipe: Written on a Tombstone

Soft and buttery, Spritz cookies began as a Scandinavian Christmas tradition that involves squiring the dough through a press with patterned holes and dipping the cookies in chocolate or other flavorings. Today, it is a tradition shared by many countries and cultures, and many home bakers have their favorite take on the recipe. One of the mot special is the one Naomi Miller-Dawson made for her family. And what makes this particular recipe so special, is that it is etched into her tombstone.   

I had heard about the Spritz Cookie gravestone, for some time,  But it wasn't until early this year, that I finally saw the unique monument.  On a cold, but sunny, day in February, I met up with Marge Raymond, Green-Wood Cemetery's most poular tour guide, to tour the grounds and interview her for an upcoming article. After showing me a number of interesting sites, she led me to the pink granite monument topped by what appears to be an open cookbook. There, across two stone pages, was the prized recipe of Naomi Miller-Dawson preserved for future generations to enjoy.  

A photo and mention of the Spritz monument appears in my article titled 'Touring Green-Wood With an Expert' which ran in the April issue of American Cemetery & Cremation magazine.