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F. Scott Fitzgerald

The closing words to The Great Gatsby are etched into the slab in front of the monument. Despite the disappointing initial sales of the book, Max Perkins (Fitzgerald's editor at Scribner), wrote him: "The amount of meaning you get into a sentence, the dimensions and intensity of the impressions you make a paragraph carry, are most extraordinary."
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One of my favorite monuments in Calvary Cemetery is that of 25-year-old Rose, who died in 1927.

The Scorsese Mausoleum on Staten Island

The parents of famed film director Martin Scorsese, who has such hit films as Goodfellas and Gangs of New York to his credit, are entombed in a private mausoleum on a hill in Staten Island's Moravian Cemetery. Both Catherine and Charles Scorsese had bit roles in Goodfellas.

The Wang Family

Designer Vera Wang's family rests in style in Westchester County's Kensico Cemetery.  The Wang family memorial overlooks the Cohasset Plot, a seven acre hillside expanse which contains an abundance of decorative laser-etched monuments bearing Asian surnames. At dusk the ivory granite structure takes on a greyish hue.

Henry Villard

The monument of journalist Henry Villard is a perennial favorite for Sleepy Hollow visitors. It looks all the more vivid in the late afternoon light, surrounded by foliage.

Frank Vance Storrs: Life is a Book...

Frank Vance Storrs created Playbill, much to the appreciation of theater-goers everywhere. His whimsical monument in Valhalla's Kensico Cemetery reads: Life is a Book-A Different Page is Turned Each Day-The Happiness of the Next None Dare Say.

Bonwit Teller Co-Founder: Paul Bonwit

Along with partner Edmund Teller, German-born Paul Bonwit established Bonwit Teller on Manhattan's tony 5th Avenue. Bonwit Teller was noted for its fashion conscious female clientele, and had branches in Southhampton, Palm Beach and Bar Harbor. When Bonwit died in 1939, hundreds of friends and business associates attended his funeral service in temple Emanu-El where Rev. Dr. Nathan A Perilman spoke of Bonwit's leadership role in American retailing and his philantrophy. Bonwit is entombed in the family mausoleum in Valhalla New York's Kensico Cemetery. Today, Trump Tower stands on the site of the former Bonwit Teller building.