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Welcome to my world. It is a world filled with history, architecture, the pastoral beauty of graveyards, and of course death. My interest in cemeteries is a direct result of my long career as a funeral director. For so many years, I found myself in various cemeteries across New York City and Long Island, conducting funeral services. The monuments around me were intriguing and often, after the conclusion of the service, I would stay to read the inscriptions and study them further. If I have learned anything, it is that each and every life is unique and deserves to be remembered. That is what I strive to do through my books, my articles, and on these pages.

Since 1998, I've been a contributor to American Cemetery Magazine. It's been a joy to profile some of my favorite cemeteries including Green-Wood, Kensico, Salem Fields, Gate of Heaven and Sleepy Hollow. To see more of my vast collection of cemetery photography, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

At Green-Wood Cemetery.

My latest book, Gardens of Stone, offers a mix of famous and obscure New Yorkers, along with a bit about their distinctive stories. Gardens of Stone is available through amazon.combarnesandnoble.com and various other online booksellers.

Here's a portion of my interview with American Cemetery & Cremation magazine about the new book.

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